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City Galleria: 44.110485, 15.237764
Dvorana Krešimir Ćosić: 44.119151, 15.245516
Maraschino nightclub: 44.113744, 15.232485
Muzej antičkog stakla: 44.114400, 15.229466
Plaža Arbanasi: 44.095330, 15.248270
Plaža Borik: 44.136246, 15.209960
Plaža Kolovare: 44.104570, 15.234050
Plaža Vjetrenja-Uskok: 44.128610, 15.211910
Plaža Puntamika: 44.129840, 15.204720
Restoran Šime: 44.136680, 15.220460
Arheološki muzej Z.: 44.115681, 15.225071
Arsenal : 44.117610, 15.224110
Crkva Gospe Zadar: 44.117343, 15.223214
Crkva Sv. Dominika Z.: 44.112997, 15.227297
Crkva Sv. Donata: 44.115787, 15.224200
Crkva Sv. Ilije: 44.116326, 15.223699
Crkva Sv. Krševana: 44.116270, 15.226240
Crkva Sv. Marije i Muzej: 44.115350, 15.224812
Crkva Sv. Mihovila Zadar: 44.113613, 15.226878
Crkva Sv. Petra i Andrije: 44.115450, 15.226950
Crkva Sv. Šime: 44.113319, 15.228805
Forum: 44.115717, 15.224513
Crkva Sv. Franje Asiškog: 44.116775, 15.222077
Narodni trg: 44.114296, 15.227558
Gradska straža: 44.114309, 15.227270
Gradska vijećnica Zadar: 44.114520, 15.227766
Gradska loža Zadar: 44.114135, 15.227664
Gradske zidine Zadar: 44.112026, 15.228243
HNK Zadar: 44.114911, 15.226549
Kapetanova kula: 44.112754, 15.228759
Kat. i zvonik Sv.Stošije: 44.116336, 15.224479
Kopnena vrata: 44.112181, 15.228558
Ledana nightclub: 44.112699, 15.229808
Narodni muzej grada: 44.116591, 15.226673
Ostaci crkve Stomorica: 44.113725, 15.224991
Perivoj Kraljice Jelene: 44.112368, 15.229343
Perivoj Vladimira Nazora: 44.111052, 15.230839
Gradski most: 44.115653, 15.229809
Pozdrav suncu i orgulje: 44.117547, 15.219690
Ulica Kalelarga-Široka: 44.116021, 15.225085
Stup srama: 44.116061, 15.223662
Trg pet bunara: 44.112580, 15.228803
Trg Petra Zoranića: 44.113003, 15.228913
Tri bunara: 44.117750, 15.222980
Gradska tržnica Zadar: 44.115315, 15.227881
Zadarska riva: 44.116320, 15.220886
Zadarski Barkajoli: 44.118280, 15.224240
Supernova: 44.116976, 15.271161
Perivoj Jarula: 44.113028, 15.230607
Crkva Sv. Marije i Muzej: 44.115350, 15.224812
Palača pravde: 44.114282, 15.225791
Luka u Starom gradu: 44.116888, 15.227363
Autobusni kolodvor: 44.106229, 15.241287
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Church of St. Francis


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Church of St. Francis of Assisi

The church of St. Francis is the oldest Dalmatian church built in Gothic style. The monastery that stands next to it was founded while St. Francis of Assisi was still alive. It was originally a hospice at the west side of the city where, according to legend, St. Francis of Assisi took refuge during his stay in Zadar, most likely in 1212. The construction of monastery building began in 1249. and it served as a seat to Franciscan Province of St. Jerome in Dalmatia and Istria, but also as Franciscan University center for a while. The church went under many changes, so different masters left their trace on it. Some of these were George M. Dalmatian, Nicholas of Florence, Jacobus Palme, Giacomo da Borgo Sansepolcro, as well as artists like Francis Salghetti Drioli and Lazarus Bastiani. Church treasury’s most valuable items are a large painted crucifix from 12th century and an Ugljan island polyptych from 15th century by Dujam Vušković. The sacristy is very important for Croatian history because this is where Zadar Peace was signed on February 18, 1358, by which the Venetians gave up their intention of any further conquest of Dalmatia.

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Trg sv. Frane (old town), Zadar 23000


GPS coordinates:
44.116775, 015.222077 (44°07’00.4″N,015°13’19.5″E)





00385 (0)23 250 468,
00385 (0)99 240 5212


Size (small/medium/big):


Working hours:
Every day: 09:00-18:00h


Adult: 20 HRK (2.60 EUR); group (5+ person): 10 HRK( 1.30 EUR); children and students: 10 HRK (1.30 EUR)


Required time for sightseeing:
25 min

GPS coordinates: 44.116775, 015.222077 (44°07’00.4″N,015°13’19.5″E)

Address: Trg sv. Frane (old town), Zadar 23000
Franciscan monastery and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi are located in the old part of the town of Zadar, on St. Francis Square, around 250 meters and 3 minutes away from the popular Sea Organ


If you are driving with a car show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas da me odvezete do Franjevačkog samostana i crkve sv. Franje Asiškog koji se nalaze na Trgu sv. Frane u starom dijelu grada Zadra, udaljeno oko 250 metara od Morskih orgulja. Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas da me uputite prema Franjevačkom samostanu i crkvi sv. Franje Asiškog koji se nalaze u starom dijelu grada, udaljeno oko 250 metara od Morskih orgulja ili 3 minute hoda. Hvala!

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