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Vidikovac Dubovac: 45.494875, 15.528385
Stari grad Dubovac: 45.495070, 15.528256
Karlovački muzej: 45.462812, 15.567327
Gradski muzej: 45.493926, 15.554141
Foginovo kupalište Korana: 45.484209, 15.558732
Crkva Presvetog Trojstva: 45.492948, 15.555322
Vrbanićev perivoj: 45.489571, 15.561401
Svetište Sv. Josipa: 45.495364, 15.531866
Groblje Dubovac: 45.493503, 15.531366
Trg Bana Jelačića: 45.493073, 15.555780
Rijeka Kupa: 45.493629, 15.541886
Muzej vatrogastva: 45.495913, 15.558302

Fogin’s Beach


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Fogin’s Beach-Korana

Fogin’s Beach is the only registered river beach in Croatia. It was awarded with the ‘Tourist Flower’ and the ‘Green Flower’. Fogin’s Beach is adapted for the disabled. It was named after Dragutin Fogini who had the idea of decorating the beach. Numerous studies show that the river Korana has certain curative properties. The bathing area has a very rich history, whose origins date back to the 19th century. The bathing area offers many sports and recreational facilities, such as beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, bowling alley, water polo and so on. In addition to the sports facilities, the beach offers a number of fun events, such as watching movies, dancing, tournaments and exercise.

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Koransko šetalište, Karlovac 47000


GPS coordinates:
45.484209, 015.558732 (45°29’03.1″N, 015°33’31.4″E)


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Free entrance

GPS coordinates: 45.484209, 015.558732 (45°29’03.1″N, 015°33’31.4″E)

Address: Koransko šetalište,Karlovac 47000
Fogin’s Beach is located on the Korana River, in the street Koransko šetalište (around 1 km from the Karlovac ‘Star’)


If you are driving with a car, show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas da me odvezete do Foginovog kupališta Korana koje se nalazi ulici Koransko šetalište (oko 1 km udaljeno od Karlovačke Tvrđave Zvijezde). Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas da me uputite prema Foginovom kupalištu Korana koje se nalazi u ulici Koransko šetalište (oko 1 km udaljeno od Karlovačke Tvrđave Zvjezde). Hvala!

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