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Aci marina Dubrovnik: 42.670362, 18.124139
Plaža Betina špilja: 42.639861, 18.123624
Gradske zidine: 42.641686, 18.107310
Gradski zvonik: 42.640963, 18.110596
Knežev dvor: 42.640349, 18.110736
Orlandov stup: 42.640994, 18.110448
Palača Sponza: 42.641085, 18.110617
Stradun-Placa: 42.641231, 18.109656
Lovrijenac utvrda: 42.640623, 18.104276
Utvrda Minčeta: 42.642889, 18.108528
Revelin utvrda: 42.641948, 18.112241
Uspinjača za Srđ: 42.643138, 18.111769
Utvrda Sv. Ivana D.: 42.639892, 18.112434
Utvrda Bokar: 42.640882, 18.106121
Kazalište Marina Držića: 42.640499, 18.110651
Tržnica Dubrovnik: 42.640348, 18.109982
Velika Onofrijeva fontana: 42.641578, 18.107354
Mala Onofrijeva fontana: 42.640879, 18.110596
Gradska vrata Pile: 42.641754, 18.106925
Sj. gradska vrata Buža: 42.642105, 18.110243
Katedrala: 42.639970, 18.110529
Crkva Svetog Vlaha: 42.640679, 18.110351
Franj. samostan i muzej: 42.641679, 18.107677
Crkva Sv. Ignacija: 42.639427, 18.109282
Dominikanski samostan: 42.641759, 18.111428
Crkva Sv. Spasa: 42.641695, 18.107416
Crkva Sv. Luke: 42.641772, 18.111708
Crkva Sv. Nikole: 42.641393, 18.110697
Pravoslavna crkva D.: 42.640767, 18.108790
Sinagoga i muzej: 42.641441, 18.110197
Etnografski muzej D: 42.640354, 18.107412
Pomorski muzej D.: 42.639813, 18.112284
Kuća Marina Držića: 42.640670, 18.108025
Prirodoslovni muzej: 42.639663, 18.109623
Islamska zajednica: 42.640492, 18.109122
Lazareti karantena: 42.641758, 18.114422
Samostan Sv. Klare: 42.641502, 18.107199
Aquarium Dubrovnik: 42.639913, 18.112309
Ljetnikovac Sorkočević: 42.669639, 18.126685
Luka Gruž: 42.657900, 18.086560
Ulaz Ploče: 42.641966, 18.112753
Most Franje Tuđmana: 42.668239, 18.079550
Cave bar: 42.656810, 18.066018
Noćni klub Revelin: 42.641940, 18.112225
Otok Lokrum: 42.625850, 18.123090
Banje: 42.641567, 18.116186
Copacabana Dubrovnik: 42.663889, 18.064444
Lapad: 42.655084, 18.070154
Sveti Jakov: 42.635233, 18.130879
Panorama restoran Srđ: 42.648923, 18.111845
Vidikovac Srđ: 42.649260, 18.111770
Križ na Srđu: 42.648908, 18.112118
Domovinski rat-Srđ: 42.649870, 18.110800
Buggy-Srđ: 42.649351, 18.111568
Sky bar: 42.642114, 18.105409
Luka-Stari grad: 42.657905, 18.086560
Gundulićev trg: 42.640258, 18.109983
Stari grad: 42.641044, 18.110334
La Bodega: 42.640823, 18.110158
Zaštitnik Sv. Vlaho: 42.640742, 18.110374
Lidl: 42.630890, 18.166625
Konzum: 42.631330, 18.164834
Elafitski otoci: 42.676857, 18.004156
Crkva Sv. Dominika D.: 42.641737, 18.111219
Crkva Sigurata: 42.642192, 18.108501

St. Jacob Beach


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St. Jacob beach

You dislike crowded beaches? Then this is the perfect beach for you. It is located in a secluded cove below the cliffs, below the church of St. Jacob, after which it was named. It offers an unforgettable view of the Old City Walls, as well as on the Island of Lokrum. St. Jacob is both a pebble and sandy beach. It can be reached by descending a large flight of steps, which makes it inappropriate for those with physical disabilities or poor physical condition and families with small children. If you want to give jet-skiing a go, well, here you can! If you are more the “sandy”-sports type , the beach offers rental kayaks. You can also gather a few friends and play volleyball after which you can cool off in a nearby bar. But, how to get to the beach? When in the Old Town, make a trip to the hotel Argentina. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel you can find the aforementioned Church of St. Jacob below which you can find the beach.

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Vlaho Bukovac Street, Dubrovnik 20000


GPS coordinates:
42.635233, 018.130879 (42°38’06.8″N, 018°07’51.2″E)


Size (small/medium/big):


Working hours:
Mon-Sun and holidays 00:00-24:00h


Free entrance, parking 1h: 20 HRK (2.60 EUR)


Parking is expensive. If you are not in good shape, do not go to this beach because there are a lot of stairs on the way to it, but the beach itself is beautiful, the sea is clean and the beach provides a beautiful view of the Old Town.

GPS coordinates: 42.635233, 018.130879 (42°38’06.8″N, 018°07’51.2″E)

Address: Vlaho Bukovac Street, Dubrovnik 20000
St. James’ Beach is about 2.6km away from the Old Town of Dubrovnik. It is situated in Vlaho Bukovac Street. Near the Church of St. James, you have to get down the stairs to reach the beach. There are plenty of stairs, so if you are unable to walk, it is better for you to go elsewhere.


If you are driving with a car show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas odvezite me do plaže sv. Jakova koja se nalazi se u Ulici Vlaha Bukovca (to je ona strma plaža koja ima puno stepenica. Nalazi se kod crkve sv. Jakova). Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas uputite me prema plaži sv. Jakov. Nalazi se u Ulici Vlaha Bukovca, od starog dijela grada Dubrovnika udaljena je oko 2.6 km (to je ona strma plaža koja ima puno stepenica, nalazi se kod crkve sv. Jakova). Hvala!

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