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Amphawa Water Market


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Amphawa Water Market (Bangkok-Tajland)

Water markets are part of a rich Thai tradition and are well-known in the world. In the past, people built houses along the river and created the need for water markets because water transport was one of the main aspects of life in the past. Traders used boats to go from house to house and sell their goods from their boats. Today, You can find a lot of homemade food, fruits, vegetables and souvenirs on the market. Though the water markets today are a tourist attraction, the locals still love to visit them, thus keeping the traditions. Amphawa is the best water market in Bangkok and perhaps in whole Thailand, as it has retained its charm of the past that attracts both domestic and tourists. Unlike other markets, it is not too commercialized, and it is about 75 km from Bangkok. We suggest You take the time to spend one night on the market. You can find beautiful accommodations along the river, which is particularly romantic in the evening. One of the accommodation option is Ban Mae Arom, 13.428005, 99.958722 (13 ° 25’40.8 “N, 99 ° 57’31.4” E). The accommodation units usually have fishing rods, so You can throw the hook in the water and enjoy the beer and dinner. The market is only open on the weekends. It revives after 16:00 when we recommend that You visit it, and until late at nightm when You can hear live music from various bars. At the market, You have boat trips while You’re getting Your feet massaged during a 45-minute ride and You will find them on the GPS coordinates 13.423852, 99.954491 (13 ° 25’25.9 “N, 99 ° 57’16.2” E). You can also rent Your boat and browse the market through the river. Regarding the food, seafood is popular and one of the specialties is fish soup made of fresh local fish and the others specialty is Egg Tart cake, from a paff pastry with a filling. On this market, there are also night-time boat excursions for exploring the river and watching the nest of night flies. That kind of a tour lasts one hour. You can inform Yourself about it in the accommodation You are staying in. Lastly, You can buy a bunch of souvenirs, various items, food, fruit treats and find a variety of merchandise that will not be boring at any moment.

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We suggest that You first go to the popular Maeklong train market, 13.407400, 99.998857 (13°24’26.6″N, 99°59’55.9″E) (the train runs through the market itself). The Maeklong is about 7 miles from the Amphawa Water Market. If You like massages, You have a boat cruise on the market where they massage Your feet for 45 minutes, GPS: 13.423852, 99.954491 (13 ° 25’25.9 “N, 99 ° 57’16.2” E). Also, You can have a night boat tours excursions around the river and watch the nest of night fireflies. The tour lasts an hour (for night tours, ask around when in accommodation where You are staying).


Amphawa, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram 75110, Thailand


GPS Coordinates:
13.425863, 99.955096 (13°25’33.1″N, 99°57’18.4″E)






Working hours:
Fri, Sat and Sun 14:00h – 20:00h (best to arrive after 16h)

GPS Coordinates: 13.425863, 99.955096 (13°25’33.1″N, 99°57’18.4″E)
Amphawa water market is located 80 km from the center of the city and Sky Train’s station ‘‘Siam“ (Siam Paragon Shopping Center), around 77 km from the most popular tourist street, Khao San Road.

The easiest way to get there from Bangkok is with a mini van. To rent a mini van, take the BTS Sky Train and get to the ”Mo Chit” station or take the subway to the ”Kamphaeng Phet” station. Then walk for 2 km to the ”Mo Chit” bus station, GPS: 13.812025, 100.547482 (13°48’43.3″N, 100°32’50.9″E). Mini van drives You to the Amphawa water market and leaves You at GPS: 13.425671, 99.955728 (13°25’32.4″N, 99°57’20.6″E).

Address: Amphawa, Amphawa District, Samut Songkhram 75110, Thailand



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ช่วยพาไปส่งที่สวนน้ำพัทยา ปาร์ค ที่ตรงหาดจอมเทียนด้วยครับ/ค่ะ

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