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Batana Eco Museum


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Batana Eco Museum

The traditional wooden vessel, batana, is one of the most recognizable symbols of Rovinj. Batana shows the continuity of local maritime heritage and the daily life of the local residents from the past. It represents a unique link that connects the local residents of various national identities, primarily Italian and Croatian. Numerous Rovinj batanas are made in ports and harbors even today. The Rovinj batanas are flat-bottomed vessels which, due to their long-lasting wooden structure, were taken under the auspices of UNESCO. In order to preserve the historical heritage, the Eco Museum House Batana was established, with a permanent exhibition of batanas, fishing gear and accessories. The museum keeps the story of the ancient boat, which is still a part of everyday life in Rovinj, alive with the help of various events. The museum has, among other awards, received the number one prize on The Heritage – the Excellance Club Congress.

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Pino Budičin Coast, Rovinj 52210


GPS coordinates:
45.081553, 013.632896 (45°04’53.6″N, 013°37’58.4″E)





00385 (0)52 812 593


Size (small/medium/big):


Working hours:
June to September: every day 10:00-14:00h and 19:00-23:00h
October, November, December, March, April, May: 10:00-13:00h and 16:00-18:00h, closed on Mondays and holidays
January and February: by appointment


Adults: 10 HRK (1.30 EUR), students and seniors: 5 HRK (0.65 EUR)


Required time for sightseeing:
15 min

GPS coordinates: 45.081553, 013.632896 (45°04’53.6″N, 013°37’58.4″E)

Address: Pino Budičin Coast, Rovinj 52210
Batana Eco Museum is located in the old town of Rovinj on Pino Budičin Coast (about 100m away from Maršal Tito Square.


If you are driving with a car, show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas da me odvezete do starog dijela grada Rovinja. Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas da me uputite prema Eko muzeju Batana koji se nalazi u starom dijelu grada Rovinja na Obali Pina Budičina (od Titovog trga je udaljen oko 100m). Hvala!

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