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Church of St. Anna


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Church of St. Anna

The church of St. Anna is situated in one of the many streets of Krk. It is one of the rare preserved medieval churches in Krk. It is modestly decorated, in accordance with the time of its construction. During the Middle Ages there were many churches like this one, but with the decadence of the families that took care of them, the number of medieval churches in Krk has fallen to two. Therefore, we recommend a visit to the church of St. Anna.

Category: Old town, Temple- church- mosque,


Juraj Križanić street (old town), Krk 51500


GPS Coordinates:
45.027226, 014.573829 (45°01’38.0″N, 014°34’25.8″E)


Size: (small / medium / big):


Free entrance


Required time for sightseeing:
5 min

GPS coordinates: 45.027226, 014.573829 (45°01’38.0″N, 014°34’25.8″E)

Address: Juraj Križanić Street (old town), Krk 51500
Church of St. Anna is located in the old town of Krk in Juraj Križanić Street.


If you are driving with a car, show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas da me odvezete do starog dijela grada Krka. Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas da me uputite prema crkvi Sv. Ane koja se nalazi u starom dijelu grada Krka u uličici Jurja Križanića. Hvala!

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