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Autobusni kolodvor : 43.518448, 16.251035
Backpackers: 43.516564, 16.249809
Stari grad: 43.516990, 16.251285
Brodska luka: 43.514034, 16.247812
Zračna luka: 43.538550, 16.297425
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Autobusni kolodvor

Autobusni kolodvor 43.518448, 016.251035 (43°31'06.4"N, 016°15'03.7"E)

Trogir, Hrvatska
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Backpackers 43.516531, 016.249772 (43°30'59.5"N, 016°14'59.2"E)

Trogir, Hrvatska
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Stari grad

Stari grad 43.516990, 016.251285 (43°31'01.2"N, 016°15'04.6"E)

Trogir, Hrvatska
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Brodska luka

Brodska luka 43.514034, 016.247812 (43°30'50.5"N, 016°14'52.1"E)

Trogir, Hrvatska
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Zračna luka

Zračna luka 43.538550, 016.297425 (43°32'18.8"N, 016°17'50.7"E)

Trogir, Hrvatska

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Trogir guide

Trogir is located west of Split. Its favourable climate, geographical position and a long and rich cultural and historical heritage are the reasons Trogir is an important tourist destination in Dalmatia. One of the most important sights in Trogir is the old town, built between the 13th and 15th century within the city walls. The Venetians built two fortresses there: the Kamerlengo fortress and the Tower of St. Mark. Between them is the Gloriet built in the classicist style. In the eastern part of the city is a beautiful Romanesque and Gothic cathedral. The western part of the city called Pasika developed later. From the north one can enter the city through the Renaissance gate where there is a sculpture of Blessed John, the city’s patron saint. The historic city of Trogir is inscribed on the UNESCO’S World Heritage List because it has the best preserved Romanesque and Gothic architecture in this part of Europe.

Why you should visit Trogir


If you visit Trogir, be sure to check out its significant landmarks which Trogir and its residents are proud of. Historical sites such as Čipiko, will show you how the past, but also the modern life looked in Trogir. Top sights and attractions we recommend you to visit are: Cathedral of St. Lawrence, The Fortress Kamerlengo, Church of St. Nicholas, The Monastery and Church of St. Dominic, City Museum, Fortress of St. Marc, Trogir Waterfront, The Church of St. John the Baptist.


In the evening mostly can enjoy a stroll along the waterfront, in restaurants that offer great food and plenty of cafes where you can have your favorite drink and rest after sightseeing. If you really wish visit some of the night clubs and party long into the night, then you will have to visit the city of Split, which is not far from Trogir.


Trogir will offer you a varied cuisine. In its restaurants, there is a variety of seafood and fish dishes the scent of which will attract all the more guests. Most restaurants can be found on the waterfront.


The average summer temperature in Trogir is 25°C and winter around 8°C. Another good side of Trogir is that it boasts with 2620 hours of sunshine per year.

Slika reklame


Trogir 21220, Dalmatia


GPS coordinates:
43.516502 016.249978 (43°30’59.4″N, 016°14’59.9″E)


Sea distance:
0 km






Size (small/medium/big):


Required time for sightseeing:

    Prices in Trogir

    Restaurants Pizza
    50 HRK (6.6 EUR)
    45 HRK (6 EUR)
    9 HRK ( 1.2 EUR)
    6.5 HRK (0.85 EUR)
    25 HRK (3.3 EUR)
    7 HRK (0.90 EUR)
    Olive oil
    90 HRK (12.10 EUR)
    25 HRK (3.30 EUR)
    40 HRK (5.20 EUR)
    Cafes Caffe
    10 HRK (1.30 EUR)
    17 HRK (2.2 EUR)
    Fizzy drinks
    15 HRK (2 EUR)
    2 person hotel
    700 HRK (90 EUR)
    2 person apartment
    400 HRK (50EUR)
    1 person hostel
    160 HRK (21 EUR)
    Generally Flat 50 m2
    85 000 EUR
    Monthly salary
    6000 HRK (800 EUR)
    Monthly expenses
    1000 HRK (130 EUR)
    Fuel Euro 95
    9.50 HRK (1.25 EUR)
    Euro diesel
    8.50 HRK (1.10 EUR)
    Gas fuel
    4 HRK (0.50 EUR)

      Find the best location for you to stay depending on your needs

      We advise you where to find accommodation depending on what type of traveler you are.
      For example, if you are more of a nightlife type, then you will find accommodation near popular tourist streets and night clubs, if you prefer a peaceful and quiet vacation, then it is best for you to accommodate near beaches or parks, and if you are a backpacker travelling without a car, then you should settle in the center, where all events and tourist attractions are located.

      Look up for the marked locations on the map for accommodation and their distance from important points of interest.




      You like going out until late at night, popular tourist streets abounding with people, night clubs and similar activities? Then accommodate in the center of events and don’t waste too much time on traveling.

      Relaxing vacation


      You had enough of business stress and you went on vacation to relax far away from the everyday hustle? For you it is best to settle right next to a beach, park or in the old city center where at the evening you will visit popular sights after enjoying on the beach.



      You are always willing to spend time with people, because of which you travel in a unique way so you could meet the local people and make new acquaintances. If you travel without a car and have a limited budget, we recommend you a favorable accommodation in the city centre so that everything is at hand’s reach.

        Scams in Trogir

        During your stay in Trogir, you do not have to be afraid of frauds and theft, because Croatia is a safe country, and you will be safe in it. You will rarely see a thief or a criminal running from the police in the street because they are almost no such occurrences. Also, as far as the retailers in Croatia, people are very friendly, sometimes they are even willing to negotiate the price, but they will definitely not try to trick you.

        The only thing you should be careful about is when you are driving with a taxi make sure that the taxi driver turns on the taximeter, because they are obliged to do that but sometimes they “forget” and charge you more then they should.


          Croatia boasts on numerous private taxis who are always there for you. In some cities, from your accommodation place to your destination it will take you 20kn/5 km, which is more than affordable. The friendly staff will show you a place where something is, explain where you can find something or simply answer your questions.


          The entire Croatia has a highly developed and modern bus transportation. Affordable, friendly staff, comfortable seats and wifi in some. Simply enough for a pleasant journey.


          As far as marine transport in Croatia, we can say that we have good connectivity to many European cities. With the beautiful Adriatic sea, scenery, friendly staff, very clean and safe type of transport, your trip will be unforgettable and you will hardly wait to repeat it.


          Croatia is relatively well connected via the air transport. You can mainly travel across the bigger cities, as well as bigger islands which record a larger number of tourists. The main central airport connected to other airports in Croatia is the city of Zagreb. The country has its own airline called Croatia Airlines. The company’s airplanes are secure and comfortable, but are usually rather small. Croatia airlines offers domestic flights, as well as international flights to major European cities.


            If you wish to afford a solid holiday in Croatia, here are a few tips. Please note that prices are different in different parts of the country, but the difference is not that big. For a single person’s seven days’ stay in Trogir it takes about 1050 HRK (140 EUR) for accommodation, 700 HRK (90 EUR) for food, 550 HRK (70 EUR) for pocket money and a few souvenirs.


            Croatia has a very good knowledge of foreign languages. The Croats skillfully communicate mostly in English, then in German, Italian, and French, Spanish, Hungarian and other languages known to a smaller number of people.


            In terms of religion, Croatia provides its citizens with freedom of choice. However, the largest number of believers belong to Catholicism, Orthodox and evangelical religion, then to Islam and Protestantism. But there is also a certain percentage of people referred to as atheists or members of other religious communities.


            In Croatia there are type C, E and F outlets, so if you do not have an appropriate cable, we recommend that you take the appropriate adapter with you. The voltage in the country is 220, 240V.  uticnica


            The currency used in Croatia is kuna (HRK). In order to have an idea of the value of the kuna, here is a couple of examples of it’s value: 1 EUR (7.50 HRK), 1 USD (6.80 HRK), 1 CHF (6.80 HRK) 100 JPY (6.10 HRK), 1 CNY (1 HRK).

            Phone – SIM card

            SIM card – pay as you go that are mostly used in Croatia are Bon-Bon, Tele2, Tomato. Prices for calls within the Croatia are quite affordable and you do not have to expect high costs. If you phone home, the price of outgoing calls to the Member States of the European Union amounts is 4.50 HRK (0.60 EUR)/min, and the price of the message is 0.99 HRK (0.13 EUR).

              Top attractions in Trogir