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General about Cetinje


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General about Cetinje (Cetinje-Crna Gora)

Cetinje was once the capital of Montenegro and is located between Boka Kotorska, Skadar Lake and the Adriatic Sea. It was found by Montenegrin ruler Ivan Crnojević in 1482, and its emergence was conditioned by military and political events during the Turkish invasion wars. The most important decisions of life in Montenegro are made in Cetinje, and it is important for tourists to be one of the cheapest cities in Montenegro, so You do not need a lot of money to visit this city. The most interesting attractions You should visit in Cetinje are: King Nicholas Museum at GPS location 42.387571, 018.924433 (42 ° 23’15.3 “N, 018 ° 55’28.0” E), Billiard and Relief of Montenegro at GPS location 42.387682, 018.923387 (42 ° 23’15.7 “N, 018 ° 55’24.2” E), Church at Ćipuru at GPS location 42.386885, 018.923525 (42 ° 23’12.8 “N, 018 ° 55’24.7” E), Cetinje monastery at GPS location 42.387759, 018.921760 (42 ° 23’15.9 “N, 018 ° 55’18.3” E), Orlov krš at GPS location 42.385942, 018.919761 (42 ° 23’09.4 “N, 018 ° 55’11.1” E) with a beautiful view of the entire city of Cetinje. If You have more time at Your disposal, we also recommend Lipa cave on GPS location 42.367030, 018.953135 (42 ° 22’01.3 “N, 018 ° 57’11.3” E), about 4 km from the old town of Cetinje, and be sure to visit the National Park Lovćen. Njegoš’ mausoleum is located at the GPS location 42.399716, 018.837545 (42 ° 23’59.0 “N, 018 ° 50’15.2” E) and is about 20 km from the old town of Cetinje. Cetinje has no railroad so You can not get there by train, but the bus station is well connected with all the towns in Montenegro and some international routes such as Bosnia, Italy and Switzerland.

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Cetinje 81250, Montenegro


GPS koordinate:
42.388007, 018.925264 (42°23’16.8″N, 018°55’31.0″E)




Internet stranica:


00382 (0)41 231 755


Small (15 000 people)

GPS koordinate: 42.388007, 018.925264 (42°23’16.8″N, 018°55’31.0″E)

Cetinje-Budva 27km
Cetinje-Kotor 29km
Cetinje-Podgorica 32km
Cetinje-Bar 57km
Cetinje-Herceg Novi 55km
Cetinje-Ulcinj 84km
Cetinje-Dubrovnik 105km

Adresa: Cetinje 81250, Montenegro



If you are driving with a car, show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas da me odvezete do grada Cetinja koji se nalazi u Crnoj Gori. Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Prosim Vas, vključite taksimeter. Hvala!


Additional translation:

Please, can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas da me uputite prema gradu Cetinju koji se nalazi u Crnoj Gori. Hvala!