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Set the sights you want to visit on your smartphone and see their location on the map

Did You ever get lost and wished there was an easier way to find the sight You are looking for? What to do when You are walking and at some point You no longer know in which direction to go back to the hotel?

With correct GPS coordinates You can find any place in the world within one meter. Just type the correct coordinates and the application will guide You to the place You are looking for.

Our team had visited every corner. Every temple, market, museum, rooftop, beach and much, much more.

For each sight we have determined GPS coordinates that will lead You directly in front of the entrance. Every GPS location that we provide is absolutely accurate! This is correct data You can not find anywhere but here!

Install GPS navigation on Your smartphone and enjoy the sightseeing. For GPS navigation You do not need to have available mobile data, it is absolutely free!

Don’t let taxi drivers drive You around, tell them where to go and follow the GPS navigation to see if they are driving in the right direction!

Download GPS navigation and simply follow the instructions from coordinates we provide you