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Holy Cross Church


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The Church of the Holy Cross

A small church, the Church of the Holy Cross, was built on a reef in the 14th century. It is located in the Holy Cross Street near the city gates. On the lintel, the year 1592 is imprinted because the façade was restored at the time. In it you can see the laying of Jesus from the cross. According to the legend, the sarcophagus with the body of St. Euphemia was found in its immediate vicinity. This is evidenced by the inscription on the pillar, erected in 1720 on a steep rock by the sea: “D.O.M. Divae Euphemiae Rubinsium Numini tutelare ac Molari civitatis Obsequientissimae Votum Anno 1720”. The worship is performed twice a year. On May 3 the Invention of the Holy, and on July 13, when it is considered that the sarcophagus floated up to Rovinj. The Church was restored in 1965. Situated on the promenade, it now houses a gallery.

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St. Cross Street, Rovinj 52210


GPS coordinates:
45.08200, 013.6309 (45°04’55.2″N,013°37’51.3″E)


Size (small/medium/big):


Working hours:
Every day from 11:00-13:30h and 18:30-23:00h


Free entrance


Required time for sightseeing:
10 min


Inside the church there is a small gallery.

GPS coordinates: 45.08200, 013.63091 (45°04’55.2″N, 013°37’51.3″E)

Address: St. Cross Street, Rovinj 52210
Church of St. Cross is located in the Old Town of Rovinj in the eponymous street (on the coast).


If you are driving with a car, show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas da me odvezete do starog dijela grada Rovinja. Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas da me uputite prema crkvi Sv. Križa koja se nalazi u starom dijelu grada Rovinja u istoimenoj ulici (na samoj obali). Hvala!

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