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Lumpini Park


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Lumpini Park (Bangkok-Thailand)

Lumpini park is the second largest park in Bangkok and is one of the most popular ones. It covers an area of 570 000 square meters. In the park, You can find tennis and badminton courts, swimming pools and children’s playground. In the park, there is a free public aerobic classes every afternoon between 17 and 19h. The classes are very popular and gather more than a hundred men and women of all age groups dancing and jumping to music. There are often some concerts or events in the park that are especially fun. Smoking in the park is not allowed as well as entrance for the dogs. The runway in the park is 3 km long and is very popular among morning and evening joggers. You can rent a boat on an artificial lake. The Rabbit recommends that You visit Lumpini Park because it offers a lot of activities in beautiful nature.

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Park includes:
Restaurant 13.728106, 100.541608 (13°43’41.2″N, 100°32’29.8″E)
Lake pedal boat rent 13.731281, 100.540686 (13°43’52.6″N, 100°32’26.5″E)
Lake pedal boat rent 13.732896, 100.538758 (13°43’58.4″N, 100°32’19.5″E)
Pools 13.728956, 100.540135 (13°43’44.2″N, 100°32’24.5″E)
Tennis courts 13.728698, 100.540309 (13°43’43.3″N, 100°32’25.1″E)
Badminton 13.733666, 100.545402 (13°44’01.2″N, 100°32’43.5″E)
Outdoor fitness 13.729234, 100.541504 (13°43’45.2″N, 100°32’29.4″E)
Basketball grounds: 13.729462, 100.539293 (13°43’46.1″N, 100°32’21.5″E)
Toilet: 13.729702, 100.539313 (13°43’46.9″N, 100°32’21.5″E)

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Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


GPS Coordinates:
13.729644, 100.537054 (13°43’46.7″N, 100°32’13.4″E)


0066 (0)2 252 7006


Big, 900 m x 800 m, 57 Ha


Working hours:
Everyday 05:00h-21:00h

GPS Coordinates: 13.729644, 100.537054 (13°43’46.7″N, 100°32’13.4″E)
Lumpini Park is located around 2,3 km from the center of the city and SkyTrain’s Siam station (Siam Paragon Shopping Center). It is around 6,7 km from the most popular tourist street, Khao San Road. The closest SkyTrain station is ”Sala Daeng”, around 300m away. The closest underground station is ”Udom Su”, just exit at Exit 5 and the park is right next to the station.

Address: Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand



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