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Maeklong Railway Market


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Maeklong Railway Market (Bangkok-Thailand)

Maeklong Railway Market exists since 1905 and is a very popular attraction among tourists, so the Rabbit recommends that You visit it. The market is about 80 km from Bangkok and You can reach it by a mini van or a train coming from Bangkok to the market and returning You back. In older times, fishing was a source of income for people in these areas because they sold their products on the market and that is why the government decided to build a railway linking the market with other parts of Thailand, as well as with Bangkok. The railroad passes through the market and You will hear the train before You see it. Merchants are already trained to move their stalls and umbrellas to keep the train running through the market sometimes eight times a day.

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Mae Klong, Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand


GPS Coordinates:
13.407494, 99.998886 (13°24’27.0″N, 99°59’56.0″E)






Working hours:
You have a train that operates daily to the Maeklong Market at 08:30h; 11:10h; 14:30h; 17:40h

GPS Coordinates: 13.407494, 99.998886 (13°24’27.0″N, 99°59’56.0″E)
Maeklong Railway Market is located around 75 km from the center of the city and SkyTrain’s Siam station (Siam Paragon Shopping Center). It is around75 km from the most popular tourist street, Khao San Road.


Bangkok – Maeklong train
1. To get to the railway station, come to the SkyTrain station “Wongwian BTS” Exit 1,  GPS: 13.721147, 100.494841 (13°43’16.1″N, 100°29’41.4″E)

2. Walk 1 km to the “Wongwian Yai” Railway Station, GPS: 13.724336, 100.491078 (13°43’27.6″N, 100°29’27.9″E). The train leaves at 08:35h, You have to reach the last station, “Maha Chai”, You arrive at 09:30h, GPS: 13.545945, 100.276319 (13°32’45.4″N, 100°16’34.8″E).

You must here take the other train and cross the river to get to the station “Ban Laem”, GPS: 13.541851, 100.269927 (13°32’30.7″N, 100°16’11.7″E). Finally, when You reach the last station, You’re there! Conclusion: very cheap, but uncomfy and takes time.

3. If You want to come from Maeklong Market to popular Amphawa Water market, You’ll find a cheap van transportation at GPS: 13.407963, 100.000511 (13°24’28.7″N, 100°00’01.8″E). The drive will last around 20 min.

Autobus Bangkok – Maeklong Market:
1. Come to the station “Mo Chit” Exit 1, GPS: 13.802397, 100.553545 (13°48’08.6″N, 100°33’12.8″E) or com e to the underground station “Chatuchak Parka MRT Station” Exit 2, GPS: 13.802129, 100.553061 (13°48’07.7″N, 100°33’11.0″E).

2. Walk around 1,8km to the Mo Chit bus station, GPS: 13.812207, 100.546902 (13°48’44.0″N, 100°32’48.9″E). There is a new bus heading to the Maeklong Market every hour and it will take You around 1:30 h to get there.

Address: 68 Silom Soi 13, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand



If you are driving with a car, show this translation to the taxi driver:
ช่วยพาไปส่งที่สวนน้ำพัทยา ปาร์ค ที่ตรงหาดจอมเทียนด้วยครับ/ค่ะ

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:


Additional translation:

Please, can you tell me how to find this sight:
ช่วยบอกทางไปสวนน้ำพัทยา ปาร์ค ที่ตรงหาดจอมเทียนด้วยครับ/ค่ะ

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