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Pima Palace


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Pima Palace (Kotor-Montenegro)

The Pima Palace was built after the earthquake in 1667 and is located on the Flour Market, dominating with its beauty. It is possible to notice the Renaissance-Baroque style, and the most significant detail on the palace is the beautiful balcony set on 12 stone consoles. The balcony fence is a work of famous Kotor blacksmiths. Above the main entrance there is a coat of arms of the Pima family, which is held by two angels. After the devastating earthquake that hit Montenegro in 1979 the palace was restored. It is one of the many attractions in the Old town Kotor that attract tourists as a architecture monument.

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Old town, Kotor 85330, Montenegro


GPS Coordinates:
42.424290, 018.770661 (42°25’27.4″N, 018°46’14.4″E)


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GPS Coordinates: 42.424290, 018.770661 (42°25’27.4″N, 018°46’14.4″E)
The Pima Palace is located in the Old town Kotor at the Square of flour, around 100 m from the main Sea Gate.

Address: Old town, Kotor 85330, Montenegro



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Molim Vas da me odvezete do starog grada i ostavite kod glavnih ulaznih vrata, Vrata od Mora. Hvala!

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Molim Vas da me uputite prema palači Pima koja se nalazi u starom gradu (na Trgu od brašna), od glavnih ulaznih Vrata od Mora udaljena je oko 100 metara. Hvala!