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Rent a bike (Maribor-Slovenia)

Within the program “Bicikelj through out Ljubljana”, there are 35 bicycle stations in the city, which are at a distance of up to 500 m. The bikes are being regularly maintained and are practical for getting around the city. There are 300 bicycles at Your disposal. For renting one, You need so-called urban card, which You can buy on kiosks, postcards, stations, tourist centers and automats. With it, You can also pay for parking and public transport. You can order the card online. At You can check at any time where the bikes are located and how many of them are available at that time.

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1. You have to buy urban card to rent a bike. With it, You can also pay for parking, public transport, entrance in the Ljubljana castle and various museums. You can buy it around the city, in more than 350 locations such as kiosks, post offices, railway station, information centres, bus stations and automats. Minimal amount of money You need to deposit is 1EUR and maximal amount is 50EUR.

2. Other option is to register online, costing 1EUR per week or 3EUR per year. But, You have to have 350EUR deposit on Your card in case You don’t return the bike on time. You can rent a bike for maximum of 24h and, if the bike is damaged or You lose it, You lose Your deposit. You can register on this page:

You can here find out where are the bikes located and how many of them are available:

If You got Your bike stolen or something similar happens, call 080 2334.


Ljubljana 1000, Slovenija




First hour is free, every next one is 1EUR


080 233;


Working hours:

GPS Coordinates:
Rent a bike service is located every 500 m around the city.

Address: Ljubljana 1000, Slovenija


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