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Transport to Zrće


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Transport to Zrće

If your goal is to arrive at Zrće, be sure to stay it in the cities of Gajac, Novalja or Caska, because they are very well connected to Zrće by bus. Due to the large number of passengers traveling to the beach, bus lines drive to Zrće and back several times every day. Also, in the cities are numerous taxi services which can take you to the beach. Also, Caska is located about 1.7 kilometers from the beach, so you can go to the beach by foot.

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Address of the first bus route stop:
1. Rotor Center address: Obala Petra Krešimira IV
2. Near the school address: Slatinska ulica
3. On the entrance to Zrće
4. Zrće parking lot
Address of the second bus route stop:
1. Centar Plasica address: Plasica ulica
2. Ćelac adresa address: Lunjski put
3. Vajta adresa address: Lunjski put
4. Samorašnji put address: Put Lokvice
5. Lokvica address: Primorska ulica
6. Punta Mira address: Primorska ulica
7. Address: Ulica kneza Trpimira
8. Moon Rock address
9. Bus station address: Špital
10. Gajec


GPS coordinates:
Coordinates of the first bus route stop:
1. 44.552917, 014.884242 (44°33’10.5″N, 014°53’03.3″E)
2. 44.548648, 014.887839 (44°32’55.1″N, 014°53’16.2″E)
3. 44.538074, 014.907136 (44°32’17.1″N, 014°54’25.7″E)
4. 44.540885, 014.912300 (44°32’27.2″N, 014°54’44.3″E)
Coordinates of the second bus route stop:
1. 44.556867, 014.882578 (44°33’24.7″N, 014°52’57.3″E)
2. 44.562160, 014.878104 (44°33’43.8″N, 014°52’41.2″E)
3. 44.566591, 014.875547 (44°33’59.7″N, 014°52’32.0″E)
4. 44.565444, 014.872492 (44°33’55.6″N, 014°52’21.0″E)
5. 44.562271, 014.869798 (44°33’44.2″N, 014°52’11.3″E)
6. 44.559869, 014.874715 (44°33’35.5″N, 014°52’29.0″E)
7. 44.561904, 014.883477 (44°33’42.9″N, 014°53’00.5″E)
8. 44.555602, 014.892828 (44°33’20.2″N, 014°53’34.2″E)
9. 44.547020, 014.892727 (44°32’49.3″N, 014°53’33.8″E)
10. 44.531375, 014.897223 (44°31’53.0″N, 014°53’50.0″E)
During the summer season buses also stop at the camp Straško on the coordinates:
1. First reception of the auto camp Straško: 44.544971, 014.881299 (44°32’41.9″N, 014°52’52.7″E)
2. Second reception of the auto camp Straško: 44.538958, 014.886144 (44°32’20.2″N, 014°53’10.1″E)

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