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Small Onofrio Fountain


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Small Onofrio Fountain (Dubrovnik)

Just like the Great Onofrio Fountain, this one was also created by Onofrio della Cava in 1438 in cooperation with the Italian sculptor Pietro di Martino. It is located in the eastern part of Stradun. The Renaissance worldview is expressed in the reliefs of naked boys on the octagonal sides of the pool, the kneeling boys who collect water on the column, the dolphins with shells and mascarones. Nowadays, the fountain is used in the carnival game “Novela od Stanaca” by Marin Držić, Dubrovnik’s famous playwright.

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Pred Dvorom Street (near the Stradun, Old Town) Dubrovnik 20000


GPS coordinates:
42.640879, 018.110596 (42°38’27.2″N, 018°06’38.1″E)


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Working hours:
Mon-Sun and holidays: 00:00-24:00h


Free entrance


Required time for sightseeing:
5 min

GPS coordinates: 42.640879, 018.110596 (42°38’27.2″N, 018°06’38.1″E)

Address: Pred dvorom Street (near the Stradun, Old Town), Dubrovnik 20000
The small Onofrio’s Fountain is located in the Old Town of Dubrovnik in the Pred Dvorom Street (just off Stradun, next to the Orlando’s Column and the Town Clock), around 250 meters or 3 minutes of walking from the entrance to Ploče


If you are driving with a car show this translation to the taxi driver:
Molim Vas odvezite me do starog dijela grada Dubrovnika i ostavite kod gradskih Vrata od Ploča (početak ulice Frana Supila). Hvala!

You must also show to the taxi driver that he must turn on the taximeter:
Molim Vas uključite taksimetar. Hvala!


Additional translation:
Please can you tell me how to find this sight:
Molim Vas uputite me prema Maloj Oforijevoj česmi. Nalazi se u starom dijelu Dubrovnika u Ulici Pred dvorom (odmah do ulice Stradun pored svetog Vlahe i Orlandovog stupa). Hvala!

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