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Park Komrčar


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Park Komrčar

80 years ago, the twelve hectares large park Komrčar was a city pasture. However, Justus Belie transformed the pasture in the today well-known Komrčar park. Due to the large forestry knowledge he succeeded in creating the park, which in his honor was built a monument. The park is dominated by species that are not indigenous, but also those that typically can be found in the Mediterranean. Some of the dominant species in the park are Aleppo pine, black pine, cypress, ash, laurel, cork oak, cedar, palm trees, agaves, cacti. Of the native species prevalent are oak, olives and many bushes. Also, in addition to the trees in the park is a large number of mushrooms and flowers. Inside the park there are numerous exercise machines that are used by tourists, but also locals.

Category: Old town, Animals and nature,


Park Komrčar, Rab 51280 (old town)


GPS coordinates:
44.757950, 014.758354 (44°45’28.6″N, 014°45’30.1″E)


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Working hours:


Free entrance


Required time for sightseeing:
25 min


In the park there is free training equipment.

GPS koordinate: Tri Ulaza su za gradske zidine:
1.Ulaz 42.641686, 018.107310 (42°38’30.1″N, 018°06’26.3″E)
2.Ulaz 42.641746, 018.111594 (42°38’30.3″N, 018°06’41.7″E)
3.Ulaz 42.639805, 018.112274 (42°38’23.3″N, 018°06’44.2″E)

Adresa: 3 Ulaza:
1.Ulaz Placa ulica (Stradun stari grad), 20000, Dubrovnik
2.Ulaz Ulica Svetog Dominika (stari grad), 20000, Dubrovnik
3.Ulaz Ulica od Pustijerne (stari grad), 20000, Dubrovnik
Na gradske zidine možete ući kroz tri ulaza, gore su navedeni koordinati i adrese.

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