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Thailand’s popular cities


Most visited city in the world, place of great fun, crazy nightlife, unusal cuisine, but also home to impressive temples and nature wonders

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Island of stunning nature, embellished with numerous beaches, reefs, viewpoints and unforgettable sunsets, piece of Heaven on Earth.

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City in which You can party until dawn in numerous bars and clubs, but where You can also visit magnificent temple Sanctuary of Truth, see the Crocodile Wrestling Show and enjoy in beautiful beaches.

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Most famous attraction in the city is the famous bridge on the river Kwai and its bloody history, along with Erawan National Park, well-known disco rafts and a turist train that drives to Bangkok.

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City with a rich history, target of many invasions and former capital that was completely destroyed in 18th century. Home to unique temples and numerous museums which recount the rich history.

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